Video entries will compete in one of three age, divisions: Comets, Shooting Stars, or Nova’s. Age division is determined by age of contestant as of 8/31/2023. All talents (vocal, dance, instrumental, and variety) compete according to age division. A minimum of 3 of the highest scoring contestants in each age division will advance to the Galaxy of Stars© Talent Search Finals competition to be held Sunday, October 29 at 4:00 at the Hornady-Marshall Theater in Grand Island. You can enter multiple categories, but may submit only one entry per category. Maximum performance time for each entry is four minutes. Use back up tracks or one instrument for accompaniment or, if vocal, can sing, a cappella. Individual instrumental: acoustic, or electric. Small acoustic, ensembles or groups (Maximum 8). Must be a United States citizen and reside in Nebraska. Entries are free, but if you would like judges comments, there is a $35 fee. Email entry materials and payments by Midnight September 29, 2023 to 

GALAXY of STARS® Talent Search


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Entries are free but if you would like Judges Comments it is $35
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