You may struggle to bridge the gap between connecting with listeners via radio AND online. That’s where Up N Country comes in!

You’ll get all the content you need to provide your listeners with what’s happening in the new country genre that will be seen and heard in multiple online platforms, including your website, social media and audio podcasts.

The best part is that you can sell a sponsorship for the content! Each element will be fully branded with your station’s logo and audio logo as well as your sponsor’s logo and audio logo!

You get relevant content (putting you ahead of your competition), a revenue generator and marketing machine!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone!

3 Reasons to Join Our Multimedia Partnership

Strategic marketing with us can help your business meet multiple marketing goals at once and provide an attractive package to sell to your sponsors.

1. We do the heavy lifting and make it easy for you to offer content to listeners across many digital platforms.

2. Video has become the most commonly used format in content marketing, overtaking blogs and infographics, with audio podcasts not far behind. Are you harnessing their power?

3. Drive sales by offering a comprehensive advertising package that is fully branded for your station and your sponsor.

Multimedia Partnership Benefits

1. Build brand awareness among listeners.

Keep your audience engaged with media elements designed to keep you relevant in their eyes.

As new country artists and styles emerge, you’ll be a part of the country music cutting edge.

2. Offer a sales package to notable advertisers.

The multi-media elements we provide can be custom branded with your sponsor’s name and logo on all media elements provided. A sweet package for your team to sell.

3. Increase reach in social media and beyond.

Most small-medium market stations are desperate for content that they can use on their website and across social media platforms. This program offers that in one package.