My Up N Country adventure series officially kicks off on the golf course with country artist Mitch Rossell, where we talk about touring with Garth Brooks and his life’s biggest regret. Then I head out to go fishing in the middle of Nashville Tennessee with “Country Barbie” Becca Bowen, where we talk about her hunting adventures and victories (and my victory of breaking a worm in half without barfing!)

Sue Bonzell  00:03

It’s the open country show where the heart of Nashville matches thrilling adventures with rising country artists. I’m your host Sue Bonzell. Join us as we explore the vibrant Nashville area alongside talented musicians combining exhilarating escapades with exclusive interviews and energetic live performances. Each week we dive into the captivating world of country music showcasing the next generation of artists who are poised to make their mark on the industry. Let’s get it started. This week on up and country I’m heading out for some adventure. We’re going to hit the links with Mitch Rossell and do a little fishing with Becca Bowen. I drove out to the beautiful Vanderbilt legends Golf Club in Franklin, Tennessee to meet up with country artists Mitch Rossell Okay, Mitch Roselle is here. We’re out on the golf course you are an avid golfer. It’s kind of your other passion. Yep. How long have you been playing golf?


Mitch Rossell  01:18

Ah, I started when I was about 15. Okay, and got burnt out pretty quick and went hard for a couple years. And then I started again when I was about 27. Did you play in high school? I did. Yeah. I played my last two years of high school.


Sue Bonzell  01:31

Championships. We got to talk about oh, I want some tournaments. Tournaments. Yeah, fair enough. Now your son is here today. Yes. He’s quite a little golfer.


Mitch Rossell  01:39

Yeah, he’s probably already better than me. I say it. But yeah,


Sue Bonzell  01:44

we got to talk a little bit about music. Most notably, we’ve talked about it before. You’ve been on tour many times with Garth Brooks. Yep. What was the last one? Like the last tour?


Mitch Rossell  01:55

The last tour was insane. I mean, stadiums are just, they’re just massive. And I was pretty nervous that it would be too big for me to kind of cut through but it actually went really well. It was great. Great crowds are they treat you so well. So it was really really special.


Sue Bonzell  02:09

So Mitch, how many years have you been a country artists musician?


Mitch Rossell  02:13

But 13 years actually yeah. 13 years. Okay.


Sue Bonzell  02:16

And so when you were first starting out what kind of struggles or obstacles did you kind of like run into as you were gone? Because I know you probably have some right Oh,


Mitch Rossell  02:24

no, not in this. Businesses. It’s pretty easy. Yeah, no, it was it’s been pretty much a struggle the whole time. That’s pretty amazing triumphs here and there but even in the midst of those a lot of struggles it’s just a hard business. You know, you’re you’re trying to navigate something a lot of people are trying to do too and yeah, it’s subjective. There’s no you know, if you play quarterback and you throw the best ball you’re gonna play but in this it’s like a lot a lot of it’s political a lot of it’s you know, there’s a lot of factors a lot of factors. It’s tough. It’s it’s a grind


Sue Bonzell  03:07

any plans to do any any work or collaborations with Garth?


Mitch Rossell  03:11

Oh, you know, you never know. There’s no plan set right now. But I mean, we’re always things with him. He it’s unpredictable. So and we always are kind of writing a little bit so he’s kind of a busy guy. He’s a little busy. He’s got a few things going on.


Sue Bonzell  03:23

Just a few just a few. Now you’ve done a duet with his wife, Trisha.


Mitch Rossell  03:28

From God when he got too close from love. And from all the records are left in my review. All I ever knew was Ron.


Sue Bonzell  03:46

And who else have you done a duet with?


Mitch Rossell  03:48

I think we actually well, I can’t wait it’s not announced.


Sue Bonzell  03:52

Oh, we have some secret information we


Mitch Rossell  03:54

cannot reveal. Yeah, other than that. No, that’s it so far.


Sue Bonzell  03:56

Okay. Things move really fast. In the Nashville country scene since my interview with Mitch Roselle. I found out who he’s doing his duet with and in the meantime, Mitch Roselle had an appearance on America’s Got Talent. With a resounding yes from all judges.


Mitch Rossell  04:28

Pain in mine stone. Screen you know how much I love you. Now it makes sense. This place in love you you reach for the stars. Oh that’s work Whoa, you so


Sue Bonzell  05:06

what what role has faith played in your, your career, your life over the last several years


Mitch Rossell  05:13

in my life, it’s it’s the it’s the North Star for me and in my career, same thing I wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t for my faith, there’s no way I would have been able to make it through some of those difficult times. It’s all about trust and trust in the Lord trust and His plan and trying to let go with a steering wheel, which is hard, but when I do good things happen


Sue Bonzell  05:38

so you are from East Tennessee, correct? Yep. Okay, and you have a little bit of an accent?


Mitch Rossell  05:43

I do. Yeah. When I was a kid, it was really thick. I don’t know, I guess maybe going to college. Outside of the South. I just kind of kind of went down a little bit. Back to the middle. When I get around my buddies back home, it really comes out. Really,


Sue Bonzell  05:57

isn’t it interesting how? Well we’re playing a game called talking up country. I got a couple of words for you. And I want to see how you pronounce that. Okay, so you just get to pick a card. Any card. All right. All right. See what it is?


Mitch Rossell  06:12

Well, you can do that a few ways. Mobile. That’s what I would think mobile. You could say that. Okay. Yeah. Mobile mobile saw I’d say yeah, no, no mobile, mobile. No, no, no. No. Oldsmobile I guess


Sue Bonzell  06:29

we’ll try we’ll try a few more because I think there’s something here that you’re gonna pronounce differently than I do. California. So a little bit of a different probably so Alright, let’s get some more balls Mitch made sir. I was lined up right and provided a few pointers. I’m not sure it helped my game All right, we’re gonna do a little more talking up country because I don’t feel like we got a good representation of your accent. So we’re gonna try a few more. All right, so


Mitch Rossell  07:16

con con. Yeah. Not picky. No not picky. That’s a Georgia thing that a Georgia I think so. My family from Georgia says that


Sue Bonzell  07:24

all right. Pecan pecan, I


Mitch Rossell  07:26

guess pecan pecan. Say? Yeah. All right, China. Water.


Sue Bonzell  07:32

Okay. There you go. I have a friend who says water


Mitch Rossell  07:34

order. Yeah. And I’m like, Yeah, I’ve heard that’s like a North Carolina thing a little bit. Okay. There’s all the little dialect. Yeah, there’s like these little things. But I’ve heard I’ve heard a lot people say Water. Water. Water. What about there’s one in New York? Oh, I say oh, it’s


Sue Bonzell  07:47

just gonna get to that one. Where is it? I just I just had it right here. Where is it? Oh, oh, yeah. Oh, that’s a southern right there. Not oil.


Mitch Rossell  07:58

Not Oh, there’s no why. There’s no, it’s oh, oh.


Sue Bonzell  08:03

It took me a long time when people were talking. I was like, What


Mitch Rossell  08:05

was he saying? Oh? Yeah. Oh.


Sue Bonzell  08:11

Okay. Pajamas. Pajamas. Okay, not pajamas. No, no. So now we No, no, no, that’s talking upcountry truth


Mitch Rossell  08:21

or truth? Wow, what’s your biggest regret?


Sue Bonzell  08:26

Now we’re going deep?


Mitch Rossell  08:27

Gosh, you know, I try. I try to say that I don’t really have regrets because I think you learn from everything. I will say if I had to pick something. The last time I ever saw my dad. He was in a big hurry. He had to go to a job. And we always hugged and like said a long goodbye. And this time we didn’t get to. And it was the last time I saw him. So I would say don’t ever don’t ever not hug your loved ones. And I mean we knew we loved each other. It’s not like we were in a fight so it wasn’t all bad. It just is one of those things that always kind of bothered me a little bit kind of sticks with you a little bit.


Sue Bonzell  08:58

Yeah. Well, thank you for playing the game I’m here at Centennial Park about to meet up with Becca Bowen to do some fishing


Becca Bowen  09:32

another day another problem


Sue Bonzell  09:37

all right, backup Boeing is here. We’re at the lake in Nashville, Tennessee, and we’re gonna know that there’s lakes in Nashville. We found one. We think there’s fish in it.


Becca Bowen  09:47

We’re gonna find out and find out why now. Yes. So no, first of all, we got to talk a little bit about music. Yes, absolutely. Okay, you got something new. If I’m being honest, is a song that me and Sam Woods wrote who is my guitar player and you will see him later. I’m excited about fishing, honestly, because I’ve never fished before, like, a long time. Okay, so I’m not really a fisher person. Well, we’re going to teach you. I’m going to teach you today. Okay. And I want to I gotta tell everybody that you are qualified to do this because how many years have you been fishing? Well, I’m no expert. I would say when it comes to hunting, I could really show you how to hunt. My brother is a killer fisherman and I’ve been fishing with him. Oh, my gosh, and my grandpa, since I was like five years old. So I know a little bit about fishing so I can teach you something today. All right, that was something on your website. You said like good old bad. Old bass like was that like the biggest issue? No, no, no, but that was a really cool place because I love fishing upon going around and throw it out. And you know, you’re not kind of confined to one place bounded by you know what I mean? Yeah, it’s so much mine. Yeah, so I just call that big brass it like not yesterday, the day before. I was so excited. And really, yes, but no, I have actually noodled a 45 pound catfish before when my bare hands so that one just does a little bit better. Okay. We got to talk about the noodling. What is that? Like? It’s scary. It’s so much fun, though. If you are an adrenaline junkie and I am somewhat an adrenaline junkie, junkie. But my parents told me I need to calm down a little bit. So I’ve calmed down a little bit. But yeah, there’s nothing like it you know, you dive down and stick your hand in there and you wait for it to grab on to you and and I’m so tiny that I mean they grab up to like that last one grab up to here and you got to kind of wrestle it underneath the bladder and finish the ground is pretty good. Alright, let me get out. Seriously, no respite and are you going to do it again? Probably in a few weeks. Yes. I try to do it once every year at least.


Sue Bonzell  12:33

Well, now you also are so good at all of this hunting and fishing and things like that. Because you were on a show


Becca Bowen  12:39

on the Outdoor Channel. I was I was on a hunting show called for lover likes and the outdoors channel. It was an all girls competition. Pancho and I ended up winning it. I got me a big ol book and I shot it during the hurricane Believe it or not. I got some stories. But you gotta go watch it to find out. You know how that happened? Of course. Of course. Well, so. So a little competitive. Very competitive. You guys get that like from your brother? Because I like oh, this Yes. Okay. Me and my brother. You know, we’re always out huntin are patient and and it’s always a competition. We love each other to death but it is definitely a competitive sport between us. You know, no one has caught the biggest fish out of the two of you. Oh my brother for sure. Okay, okay, you know I don’t know what it is about my brother but I always say he is a horseshoe oh one


Sue Bonzell  13:29

lucky little lucky or shout yeah lucky


Becca Bowen  13:30

horseshoe because if he’s there he’s gonna catch it. No good. He was yeah, you got the sparkles on and you gotta grab the Barbie so that’s kind of your nick days. You know? People been calling me country Barbie we’re alone down because I love being outdoors. I love getting dirty but also I stink. So most times you’re gonna see me on the stage singing country music well all decked out with glitter and rhinestones but then on the weekend you’re gonna see me and camo and a baseball cap and Daisy Dukes song codons whatever you know. So people started us country Barbie there you go I love to get to have like two sides yeah my personality but I really am just a country girl. I love being outdoors it that’s what makes me happy. You’re so you’re so cute that I have to tell you to this is because it’s gonna date nice just a little bit. And I would have done and I was a kid back in the olden days. I had cowgirl Barbie or cowboy Barbie or whatever it was. Oh really? Yeah. Country Barbie. Are you kidding me? I swear I’d had one. Yes. And she was so she kind of looks like you too. She has a cute little white hat with the blonde hair. And she had a blue eyeshadow. Oh, and if you pressed her back she would week it you know what I’ll okay. I’m about to go. Like guy and then it was a real consumer. It’s vintage. Really? Okay, I’m gonna be I’m gonna be dishing out money for this on one’s planet. But yeah, once I did the outdoors channel on that show country Barbie just stuck with me and I can’t get rid of it now. Because everybody says I’m talking about Arby’s. I just rolled with it now


Sue Bonzell  15:00

I love it it’s so perfect alright so so Katroo Barbie here is going to help me yes learn how to do some fishing so don’t go anywhere as we we get we get loaded up here here we got


Becca Bowen  15:14

this lady wants to go fishing so that’s on it I want to catch fish are let’s see what we can do when I was in here but we’re gonna find out I don’t know we don’t know we are wishful thinking today yeah exactly ready to try to get some horseshoe lugs yeah somehow right we’ll pray yeah we’re praying for fish. Yes we’re gonna ever fish to see where we want to feed everyone just like that was so you’re gonna you’re gonna teach me a little bit about fishing today? Yes I am. I brought some lab worms and I brought some lores Did you say live where I did say live warm? It’s gonna make me touch Wern Ryan pull that apart. Go ahead. She’s like seriously like pull it apart? Oh didn’t have breaking. We hold on? Yes. All right, can I ask for teachers Okay. All right, you just push it out there. We’re gonna hope there’s something in this pond or lake that’s hungry today. There we go. We’re gonna just let it sit there. You hold that one. Okay, well, you’re gonna bite you’re gonna There we go. Yeah, that’s a nice little this is how you take it out. Have you ever taken it off? Just take your hand down gradually so you don’t get thin because it hurts. But you don’t want to just throw him in. Okay, we gotta let him go nicely gonna let him go nicely.


Sue Bonzell  16:49

Oh, don’t fall in.


Becca Bowen  16:56

But see how fun that is? I’m proud of you because you were brave enough to rip that moral. Gotta creep me out a little bit. So my grandpa always used to say when we were fishing, he’d be like Becca give me a web a woman a cigarette with a rubber and a cigarette. And then we fish for bass. We always said you got to play with the fish Becca. You can see the lower health whenever you see, let that lower sink. You reeled in a little bit in the colada. Alright, that’s where you want to get right. There’s a lot of dead ass. Okay, so let it sink all the way down. Okay, I do that relevant a little bit and hold it up. Really? Ludo. They’re not excited about it. Yeah, it’s about as a fish I’d won by Hey, I’m Becca Boleyn and this is Sam woods. So I was going to kind of go through a heartbreak and we were sitting around thinking about you know, girls on Broadway and then going out and partying in Nashville and this is pretty much where the song came from because I was doing a little bit of that myself during this time so this is for those who are going through heartbreak and you know just want a good summer song let’s you up is caught if I’m being honest the day seven days a week stuck in this way feeling incomplete without them or is it on me lonely nights to kill me all the walls around the cage. So I think gobble downs get drunk God I’m not sure dressed every day better than you they say I’m on stable surgical someone appeal this boy. I do this from every angle. God don’t gather gal down, get your nails done Oh God Oh Maha he’s answering I’m begging dawn they all the better than you there I’m crazy I got a few screws you been callin me the joke’s on you the guy will go downtown get drunk may get a guy I don’t know how he showed interest so watching god oh my god oh my high heels every day all the better


Sue Bonzell  21:37

truth or truth oh she’s gonna take her shoes off to get her oh I never wear shoes if I don’t have you don’t have to why I mean why would why would you wear may not wear shoes you know she’s sorry No she’s a world famous game truth or truth that’s what we play here up in country are you ready? Oh no, we’ll see. You want truth or dare? Truth or Dare? I dare you to go jump in that lake. Oh man. Can week Fannie Mae get arrested for the wailing a


Becca Bowen  22:05

middle of a city I can’t show not trying to finish everything up and you did it it’s amazing. Okay, okay pick out any card you get to read the question. Oh my god scare Do you have any hidden talent? Well, I think you I know it’s not hidden anymore I can now I can say like a baby. You can sound like a baby Okay, let’s hear it going oh my god. Oh okay, that is in Tallinn. I’ve never had that happen on my show. Believe it or not also can fly the spins but I don’t have the spirit here. Oh, okay. That’s gonna be on the trip to South Carolina. That’s on the road trip we’re playing that but grandpa didn’t see grandpa he’s a man he’s got a lot of influence was a farmer and he was also weighed fish we go pig babies and you know he made chicken and rice and we listened to Loretta Lynn and Johnny cat all that stuff. He’s good man. He wasn’t good. Maybe I missed that man Tibet.


Sue Bonzell  23:14

Cowboy wisdom. These are newer cards.


Becca Bowen  23:17

So they’re like cards for inspiration kind of like a little quote. Okay.


Sue Bonzell  23:22

And everybody asked me where I get these I made them they’re mine they’re my product or so.


Becca Bowen  23:29

Oh this is so this is one of the best yeah this is what I say this all the time see they this amazing how they get picked because oh my god I swear I wish God had read it. This one says many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up yes, it’s so true. I’ve always said you know the ones that make it are the ones who don’t give up and you see that being in the music industry is so incredibly hard that I feel like every other month I feel like I just need to give it up but it’s just so hard but then I’ve noticed that every time it gets so hard something really big happened yes so you’re just hanging in there this is absolutely the truth see i Your absolute truth I love it very loaded out of the pack


Sue Bonzell  24:15

they get picked for the right reasons every


Becca Bowen  24:17

single time. So Becca Bowen I want to thank you so much for taking the time to like go fishing in the city here. My thing is you gotta come South Carolina. I gotta take you bass fishing. We’re gonna catch something really big I want you to catch on really big Okay, once you catch that first pass, I’m going to be a bit addicted so yes next trip South Carolina. Okay, let’s go it’s audit Challenge accepted. Yes, we’re shake on our Oh. Real mouth here. And we didn’t get a Taylor Swift bed. We did and this all sounds like tight. We literally fished in the city today. We did which is now I’m so awesome. It was so much fun. I had so much fun. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this make sure you’re following Becca Bowen on all the socials at the Spotify, download the music, all the things you got. You got a great website too. You can see now she puts her official website I mean, come on. I do some crazy stuff if you like watching somebody do all kinds different things. I’m the one line