Sue Bonzell 0:00

Noelle Toland is here at the up and country studios and we have some big big news. Something very special. No, I’m so excited that you are here.

Noelle Toland 1:03
Thank you for having me. I’m so excited to be here.

Sue Bonzell 1:05
I know. I know. Well, I want to start off with the biggest news, because we have, we have fun things we’re going to do. You’re going to be playing some music. We’re going to be cooking in the kitchen. But the biggest news, you have a new song, and we’re going back to the 90s It’s a cover. Trisha your woods walk away, Joe. Yes. Oh, tell me about doing this song. Oh, it’s

Noelle Toland 1:29
been a dream of mine. Ever since I was a little kid. I was introduced to Trisha Yearwood from listening to the radio driving around with my mom. And also my mom was a huge fan of hers. So I have very visceral memories from my childhood of running around the house with like a remote control or a hairbrush like singing walk away job for my mom. Like sometimes she’s like, can you please can you just sing Can you sing for me? And I would sing along with the record. And it’s just, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs ever written. And it’s just been such a dream of mine to cover it. And I’m such a fan of 90s country as a genre and the storytelling is just unparalleled, honestly, and I’m just so excited. I’m so excited to cover it and you know, and to release it to the world and yeah, it’s been a dream come true. That

Sue Bonzell 2:20
is I mean, what a great song and I absolutely love I always loved to Trisha Yearwood back in the day and then I kind of like you know, kind of fell off but I just saw her do an interview with Laney Wilson and I fell back in love with her I was like oh yeah, that’s Trisha I love her. Now you have a video that goes along with this song that we’re going to premiere right here on up and country of first time that it’s going to air is here I feel blessed and honored that you get shows up in country to premiere the video so we don’t want you to wait any longer. We’re going to premiere it right now but don’t go away because we’ve got more to talk about with Noel Toland and we’re going to be getting in the kitchen making something special out of Tricia your woods cookbook Okay, so don’t go away but here he is. Walk away Joe

Well that was the world premiere of walkaway Joe a cover by Noel Toland amazing video of the sound everything is just I just love it. I feel so blessed that you chose us here. Now we do have to talk about some more music in the 90s era. So what do you got Bruin?

Noelle Toland 8:02
Yeah, I’m very excited. I am releasing it matters to me on April 5, which was originally sung by Faith Hill, who I’m also a huge fan of, and I can’t wait for you all to hear. I can’t really hear it very excited to release that song. I’m a huge Fayetteville fan as well.

Sue Bonzell 8:20
So and then do you have some original music as well, right,

Noelle Toland 8:23
lots of new music coming out this year, tons of new music. I can’t even wrap my head around all the things that we’ve got going on. And I’m very excited. That

Sue Bonzell 8:32
is well I love that you are you’re coming back to the 90s I think there’s a whole generation of people that are you know, much younger than you and me whatever they used to be but but you know, they love the 90 Who doesn’t love the 90s I mean, and I think that’s so smart when

Noelle Toland 8:49
era was just a great time, especially for country music also, I mean, not just country music but you had like the Spice Girls, Britney Spears just came out you know all that just epic epic music but the songwriting of the 90s was my favorite and I’m just I’m I’m a true believer in in honoring those who came before you and and paying tribute to the songs that really made you I guess, in a way so to speak. So very grateful. And I’m glad well

Sue Bonzell 9:26
you’re a multi talented young lady, because not only are you a singer and songwriter, and you’re also an actress. So some of the Hollywood ties, what do you got going on? There’s something on the resume that we need to hear about. Tell us about that. Yes, I’m

Noelle Toland 9:45
an actress as well. I started in musical theater when I was younger. I started on stage performing my choir when I was five and really loved that I was like whatever this is I like and then transitioned into musical theater in school. When I played Lina Lamont and singing in the rain, that was my big claim to fame. But I always wanted to be on stage and perform and I love. I love being on stage. I love being in front of a camera. I just, I love honestly exploring the stories behind characters. And that’s one thing that I’ve really loved about songwriting is understanding the story and coming at it from a character’s point of view. I moved to LA when I was 18. I studied at Loyola Marymount University, got my minor in theater, I just really loved storytelling. And that’s kind of just in any aspect. And, and I’ve found that my acting training has really lent itself to my songwriting and my performing and ended up doing a lot of indie film. And then my biggest credit was Criminal Minds.

Sue Bonzell 10:53
Did you play a dead body? No.

Noelle Toland 10:57
Someone who had a drug problem, so it was a great show to work on. I had so much fun. The cast and crew were amazing. Very grateful for that experience. It was that

Sue Bonzell 11:10
was really cool. That is so neat. I love it. I love I love the crossover, like you said, from the storytelling point of view. Because those storylines in Hollywood. Yeah, you know, with the characters. Same thing with your music. So I love that. And, like you said, talking about the 90s country songs. I mean, the songwriting is timeless. It is it’s timeless. Well here at up and country. I don’t know if you know this or not if you were pre prepared, but we play a little game called Truth or truth. Are you ready to play? Oh,

Noelle Toland 11:40
my gosh, am I ready? Let’s go. Okay.

Sue Bonzell 11:45
It’s truth or truth. All right, truth or truth. My original card deck created by up and country, you’re going to just pick a car, okay? It pick any card, and then you read it out loud. And then you get to answer the question.

Noelle Toland 11:59
Oh, I love this question. What was your first car? It was a Mazda? six to six. Nice. Yes. My mom bought it for me. And yeah, it was a four door sedan. It was a stick shift. Yes. Oh, good. I remember my mom. My mom’s cool. She, she’s like, alright, you gotta learn how to drive stick. Yeah, the first car you’re gonna get is a stick shift.

Unknown Speaker 12:24
I really like I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know what I keep telling you. It’s hard to learn. Yeah, that

Noelle Toland 12:30
kept failing. And my mom would take me to parking lots empty parking lots in the passenger seat. And she’d like, keep going and it kept like, engine keeps failing. She’s like, keep going, keep going. And finally when I learned how to do it, oh my gosh, I can do this. I can do this. Yes.

Sue Bonzell 12:42
Look out right. You know, and that even goes on the acting resume. Yeah. Can you drive a stick? Because not everybody is true. You can get in a role in Hollywood driving a VW bug and yeah, like no problem. Yeah, I got it.

Noelle Toland 12:57
I know it’s true. I ended up after this car. I had a little BMW 963 18 Ti and it was stick shift and had an LA took it from Oregon to LA. And there’s this very steep incline on La Cienega going up to sunset and I would try to avoid it as much as possible. Because if your stick a little too close, I my anxiety level, like from zero to 9000. I’m like, Oh my gosh, I’m

Sue Bonzell 13:27
from the San Francisco Bay area. Yeah, I had a stick when I was in high school. And I remember being in San Francisco and I was in a panic and I think I burned up the clutch trying to get up the hill, I’m sure. Like, yeah, me anxiety is real. Real Deal.

Noelle Toland 13:43
Yeah, I don’t know how you did that in San Francisco. Oh, yeah. That’s

Sue Bonzell 13:46
crazy. I don’t ever want to do it again. Oh, yeah. No. Okay. I love when my artists asked for another one. Okay, good. I didn’t scare them off. It’s good

fun. Okay, here we go. Okay.

Noelle Toland 14:04
What is the worst grade you received for class in school? Slash college? I never gotten F. Okay, fair enough. Okay, number got an F. I think I did get a D. This is in college at LMU. I think I got a D and what’s that?

Sue Bonzell 14:26
What’s that last call? Where the philosophy because I got to be in philosophy.

Noelle Toland 14:30
Philosophy. It was 30 G geography? Yes.

Sue Bonzell 14:35
Geography or geology? No, it wasn’t y’all

Noelle Toland 14:39
do it on a test and it was afraid before you could drop the class because I had. I had a pretty good GPA. I think it graduated 3.67 I think right underneath the three points. But I remember like, Oh, I gotta drop this class. I was like, the chances of doing well on the final were so low like I dropped it. So it was a D

Sue Bonzell 14:59
you didn’t get D for done I did D for done I took the D I took the hit on the GPA because I’m like I’m not taking this class again

Noelle Toland 15:07
no deeper done number so that was yeah D D for done different

Sue Bonzell 15:12
All right we’ll see we got the inside scoop these are the questions I just I would never use. That’s why we have the game through through Drew.

Noelle Toland 15:19
This is so fun.

Sue Bonzell 15:20
Thank you for playing the game. Thanks for having me. Do you want to do one here? All right, well, well we might be because we do have some wine in our future. Oh my god. We do have some wine in our future. Yeah, we’re not done yet. So don’t go anywhere. We’re gonna get down into the up and country kitchen which is my kitchen and we’re going to be making a very special recipe directly out of Trishy your woods cookbook. In honor of walkaway Joe, your new song, your cover of Tricia your words song. So when we come back, we’re going to be in the kitchen we are in the up and country kitchen with Noel Toland and I’m excited about the recipe that we’re making. What is the recipe?

Noelle Toland 16:02
Yeah, me too. Thank you so much. Sue. Okay. Tramadol. We are such big fans of Trisha Yearwood. So we’re going to make sweet and saltines whoop.

Sue Bonzell 16:11
And this is out of her cookbooks. Her cookbook. So this is a Trisha Yearwood recipe. So Trisha, if you’re watching, hopefully we don’t mess it up. Okay, we’ll do our best to do our best. But we have to start it. You know, we have to start it out the right way. With wine. Yeah. So let’s get a little bit of wine here. This is Benziger from my, my home country out in Sonoma County. This is certified sustainable. And it’s a short night and look at look at going wait, hold on. Oh, it’s Oh, I don’t have to smell the great favorite. I know it’s a running gun. Man. I like really good. And this is actually really good one. I’ve had it. I love her. So so good. We’ll do cheers. To get us started.

Cheers. Cheers.

Lovely wine day cooking. Yay.

It’s gonna be fun. This is gonna be fun. We’re gonna find out if Chardonnay goes with the sweet and saltines so we’re gonna get started. Let’s let’s walk us through this. This recipe. We’re starting with crackers. We’re

Noelle Toland 17:17
starting with premium saltine crackers. We’re gonna melt some brown sugar with some two sticks of butter. And then we’re gonna have some chocolate chip action. Oh, wait, we

Sue Bonzell 17:28
have to do this first. Right. Yeah. So to spray the

Noelle Toland 17:31
pan. I’m a little worried. I think okay, let’s write a pan frying pan.

Sue Bonzell 17:39
So we have no sticky salt side down. You said yes.

Noelle Toland 17:41
So. Okay. And I think we want to keep them close together. Okay, so when we melt the chocolate or the sugar mixture, it’s even. And

Sue Bonzell 17:53
have you made this before? I have not. Okay,

Noelle Toland 17:55
so this is new for you for me. Okay. Very excited those recipes and it’s so good. Well, it’s gonna have a lot

Sue Bonzell 18:04
of sugar and butter on it. So it’s really hard to go wrong. I mean, yes. can’t mess up something like that. Right. can’t

Noelle Toland 18:11
mess up anything sugar and butter. And I think that you

Sue Bonzell 18:15
know if you had a Joe in your life, I don’t think he would walk away from this. No, honestly, I don’t think anyone walk

Noelle Toland 18:21
away from Okay, salt side down.

Sue Bonzell 18:23
Yeah, this is like a petulant. You’re right. I know. Like, thank you. It was a cute, you know, maybe we take a picture of it when it’s done. And then we can make a puzzle out of it. Oh, that’s good. I would be fun, right? It’s a really nice piano up with it. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Okay, so we’ve got the crackers done. Yeah. So next we have to do the butter and the brown sugar I packed with with skill because keep that sugar I you know, I have to tell you I was a fourth nature in the day and I was I did cooking really well. I learned how to pack brown sugar in it. That’s what I learned. That’s all I learned. Well, we’re gonna go to the stove and we’re gonna get this all set up and melted and ready to put on the cracker.

Noelle Toland 19:05
Yeah. The best Kerrygold butter so cute

have you do great This

looks awesome. So we’ve got the butter and sugar mixture to me so we’re just gonna pour it over. Okay, okay

Sue Bonzell 19:40
we’re gonna call it good enough. That’s what we’re gonna do. Okay, because we’re not into perfection here. Clearly, totally up and country

Speaker 2 19:47
show not me. There will be no perfection to be had very far from putting in the oven. Okay. Five minutes while watching carefully. Here we go. There it goes. Okay, Hey.

Noelle Toland 20:03
Oh my gosh. Looks so good. It looks Look at that.

Oh my gosh, wait, that looks amazing. I’m

Sue Bonzell 20:10
gonna go in and we washed our hands across. Oh yes.

They’re like floating on it. So I need to know. Did you ever do any cooking or baking or anything like that with your mom when you were a girl I

Noelle Toland 20:26
did and my mom is an amazing cook. Yeah, I learned a lot from her. She was actually a Betty Crocker award winner. Ah, she was younger. Yeah,

Sue Bonzell 20:36
she won a Betty Crocker wants a Betty Crocker award.

Noelle Toland 20:39
My mom. It wasn’t just one year. I think she was really yeah, she’s an amazing cook and Baker. She’s doing the Louisiana Okay, so a lot of the stuff she made for us. For me, my dad was kind of like Cajun cooking. Who Yeah, she’s she can make up she’s good at everything. But I learned a lot from her.

Sue Bonzell 21:01
So what was like the favorite thing that she would cook that you were like, Oh, Mom, please make this okay.

Noelle Toland 21:07
It was kind of only on Easter. But she would make lamb chops with mint jelly.

Sue Bonzell 21:13
What kid likes lamb chops? I don’t know children who liked

Noelle Toland 21:18
it. My nickname was lamb chop. I think she made the best friend chops

Sue Bonzell 21:24
ever. Wow. That’s a skill because that’s not easy to do.

Noelle Toland 21:28
She’s like a magician

Sue Bonzell 21:32
to write a song about a song about what

Noelle Toland 21:38
she was. Yeah, she was amazing with all the and even now today I have questions. I just call my mom like what do I do? And she goes, Okay, this is you need this. And then I know you get to put the water in the pan. And I’m like, I don’t know anything. So

Sue Bonzell 21:51
did you did you didn’t necessarily inherit the cooking ability.

Noelle Toland 21:57
Like, I like baking a lot. I really love making cookies. And I’ve kind of made the cookies down to a science of like, like, right ratio of butter to sugar and certain things. Baking is

Sue Bonzell 22:08
hard. I find because I really feel like you have to follow the recipe because anytime I’ve deviated because that’s how I cook. Anything savory. I’m like, recipe. Yeah, I’m like, I’ll just add in this and do whatever. Yeah, but I’m like baking. I have ruined so many things. Because I think I know better. Yeah, I’m like, No, follow.

Noelle Toland 22:26
Yeah. Yeah, no, I have. Um, definitely. I like baking because I do like the recipe following things. But I know my mom always loved cooking more because she has a knack for knowing I’m sure like, he just needs a little more sugar and he’s a little more salt amusement garlic, or what have you.

Sue Bonzell 22:44
I learned to cook from my mom. My mom’s Portuguese. Oh, really? Push man. She She cooks. It’s big batches. And that’s how I learned to cook. She didn’t really we didn’t really look at recipes. Yeah, she just knew and it was oh, you put this in? Oh, we need a little bit more of that. Yeah, no thing. So that’s how I learned how to cook. I sometimes will look at like four different recipes and be like, Uh huh. Yeah. Okay, good. And I’ll just make my own. Yeah. Yeah. Just know.

Noelle Toland 23:08
You have like an acro at work. Ooh, okay. It looks like they’re melting. So we’re

Sue Bonzell 23:11
going to smooth them out a little bit. Yeah. Oh, this is fun. It’s like painting.

Noelle Toland 23:16
I know. This is very therapeutic. It is kind of, I kind of feel very relaxed right now. It’s the wine.

Sue Bonzell 23:27
But we can’t we can’t go wrong, because we’ve got butter. Yeah. And we’ve got sugar. Oops. And we’ve got

Noelle Toland 23:35
so what were some of your mom? Great recipes, Portuguese recipes that you loved. Well,

Sue Bonzell 23:40
you know, like, specifically Portuguese was the Portuguese sweet bread was her thing. And that was an Easter thing also. Yeah. So we were coming up on Easter and it and that is one of the recipes that I have never figured out how to make. I’ve tried to make it many many times. Yeah. And I just can’t make it like it won’t rise. It’s like a big ol block of dough. Yeah. And I’m like, Okay, well, Mom knows how to make it sort of thing. She knows she knows how to do it. So I used to always look forward to that every Easter. But she her other big skill and everybody always asks her to bring and it’s not necessarily Portuguese, but it’s chili. Oh, and I don’t know what she does with her chili. It’s some secret recipe or something. I don’t know. Because everybody asks her if we’re gonna go to something you know, like, bring a dish. Everybody’s like, yeah, Barbie, bring your chili because it’s

This looks really yummy.

Noelle Toland 24:41
So many of you.

I know. Right? And so what I like so simple. Simple is the affordable Yes. Like

all we need are saltine crackers and butter, sugar and chocolate are in business and

Sue Bonzell 24:52
we’re gonna be okay, now. We put these in the

Noelle Toland 24:56
freezer right freezer. Okay,

Sue Bonzell 24:58
okay, cool. So we’re gonna put these in the freezer. are too cool and get nice and crispy. And while they’re getting ready. Are you ready to play a little music? song for us? Yeah, okay, good. All right, good! – MUSICAL BREAK

So I was in charge of breaking them up and maybe I didn’t do a very good big pieces. So the recipe said to kind of break them up. But we left them in big pieces and I’m okay with that because that means I don’t feel bad about grabbing a big piece and I’m like, Okay, here we go. Grab a piece, right hey,

Noelle Toland 29:39
we’re gonna cheers with a piece. I’m gonna go okay, I’m taking one I can tell. That’s a good one. I if you can see there’s like a butter sugar. Cheers. Cheers. Thank you for sure. Thanks for that cool, um Oh, Y’all get my buff.

Sweep on the crunch of the soul team and the salt this is perfect. Wait, I’m obsessed with all these

Speaker 5 30:15
Oh know how little peace oh my god man, Abraham This is a make again definitely make again. This isn’t making yeah boom I have to see if it goes with the one

Noelle Toland 30:31
I don’t care if I look like a mess right now

that’s a good day. Wow No It goes perfectly with the wine.

Sue Bonzell 30:41
It’s a good day but we got to do one last thing.

One last thing. We’re gonna get chocolate on my cards. Okay, good luck your fingers were eating the whole tribe.

Noelle Toland 30:55
This one I’ve been eyeing.

Sue Bonzell 31:00
I’m gonna pick a card for you. Because your hands are dirty.

Speaker 5 31:03
I’m gonna get my cards. Right I’m gonna pick one. What do you think? What’s your

Sue Bonzell 31:06
you point to it? That

Noelle Toland 31:08

we’ve done literally drooling

Sue Bonzell 31:14
all right, cowboy wisdom. Y’all

ready for this? Right?

Here we go. You read it. I came with a sippy cup.

Noelle Toland 31:24
The older I get the less I tried to tiptoe around people’s feelings. You either like me or you down? Simple as that. Like that. Amen, sister. Amen. You can’t one one universal truth. You cannot please everyone. That is the one thing that you can never do. But you

Sue Bonzell 31:41
know what can please everyone? sweet

salty. Sweet. Salty.

is pleasing everyone right now and I start diabetic. I’m sorry. Okay. Yeah, just say even a walk away. Joe would not walk away. That’s right. So true. No. Well, Dylan, thank you so much for being here. Premiering your new video for walkaway Joe. Cooking with me. All your new music all the things? Yes, we’re definitely gonna have her back here.

Noelle Toland 32:09
This was so much fun. I’m obsessed. Like, I can’t wait to eat all these and stuff in my face.

Good to see that. Don’t judge don’t judge.

Thank you so much for having me. salutely I love country music. I love Trisha Yearwood. I love you.

Sue Bonzell 32:25
Was a lot of love. Right now.