I’m catching up with American Idol Alum, Tyra Madison and rising artist Cody Cozz at the CMA Fest. Plus watch footage of a live performance with Coffey Anderson at AJs Good Time Bar in Downtown Nashville!

Sue Bonzell  00:03

It’s the open country show where the heart of Nashville matches thrilling adventures with rising country artists. I’m your host Sue Bonzell. Join us as we explore the vibrant Nashville area alongside talented musicians combining exhilarating escapades with exclusive interviews and energetic live performances. Each week we dive into the captivating world of country music, showcasing the next generation of artists who are poised to make their mark on the industry. Let’s get it started. It’s time to head back to the CMA fest for more fun and country music. I’ll be catching up with country artists Tyra Madison, and Cody Cozz Plus, we’ve got an energetic performance from Coffey Anderson at AJs. Good time bar in downtown Nashville. Don’t forget our bloopers at the very end. It’s all coming up on up in country now, Tyra Madison is here at CMA fest with me welcome, Tyra. How is everything going? So far?


Tyra Madison  01:20

It’s going good. It’s been a long but great day. Yeah, I


Sue Bonzell  01:22

heard rumors about you walking downtown Broadway with no shoes on before the shoes


Tyra Madison  01:27

I had on uncomfortable shoes. I was like, I’m just going to walk without shoes. And I could hear people. She Yes, she’s walking in her socks. Like, well, my feet hurt. So sorry.


Sue Bonzell  01:39

It’s practical, right?


Tyra Madison  01:40

I gotta say no, I’m gonna add socks on because the concrete was pretty high. I was like, it was about to be like, you know?


Sue Bonzell  01:46

And did you take the socks home and just throw them away? Oh, no, they’re almost no shamelessly you have got a new song out plead the fifth.


Tyra Madison  02:28

Really like country music because it’s just storytelling. And I’ve always wanted to write like a fictional like story song. And that’s where plead the fifth kind of came in. And I’m a big crime junkie. Like I love crime documentaries and stuff like that. So it was a pretty easy right for me to put my self in that scenario.


Sue Bonzell  02:49

You’ve watched he watched enough of it and you’re like, I could write this right? Yeah, it just make it into a country. So. Exactly. That’s perfect. Well, I’m loving it. Now. You’ve done you’ve opened up for some pretty big acts. Maddie and Tay. Did I see Nellie on the list? Nelly? Did you ever get to meet Nellie?


Tyra Madison  03:05

Actually, it was like kind of during like the COVID. Like,


Sue Bonzell  03:09

no, he was like No Yeah.


Tyra Madison  03:12

I get it. He had like shows the next week I think so. He just didn’t want to get sick.


Sue Bonzell  03:16

Yeah, well, I have a little game I want to play with you. Are you? Are you game to play a guy game? Okay, we’re gonna play truth or truth. Its truth or truth.


Tyra Madison  03:25

Like this one. Do you believe in any superstitions? If so, which ones? You know, I gotta say I definitely when I’m walking down the sidewalk I definitely skip the you know the credit crap because I don’t want to break my mom of


Sue Bonzell  03:37

course and that you don’t. That’s or black? No. Black Cat. So I don’t agree with that. Do you don’t like black kids?


Tyra Madison  03:45

No. I like Oh, okay. I don’t agree that people don’t adopt them. Because they’re black cat because it’s superstitious. And I don’t agree with that. I’m like, why? It was so cute. No, I leave them in the shelter.


Sue Bonzell  03:58

That’s our that’s our public service message right now. Yeah. Tyra Madison. Go adopt the black cats. Okay. Yes.


Tyra Madison  04:04

I seriously, I’m not even a good huge cat person. But if it wasn’t up adopting a cat, it’d be a little black. Or if I was adopting a dog it’d be a pitbull. Yeah, because you know, top about them.


Sue Bonzell  04:16

Yes, I know. You’re. She’s rescuing the animals y’all. Okay, let’s do one more. Okay,


Tyra Madison  04:22

if you’re going to be on a reality TV show, which would it be? Lord Jesus, people like you should go on The Bachelor. Oh, and Okay. Maybe I’ll sing on it.


Sue Bonzell  04:34

That’s a good There you go. I like that idea.


Tyra Madison  04:36

But not compete. Yeah,


Sue Bonzell  04:37

whatever would you do like survivor or something like that? Oh, heck, no, no,


Tyra Madison  04:41

no book, or has no shot right now. The way I would die the first


Sue Bonzell  04:49

day, they would probably kick me off the first day too, because


Tyra Madison  04:53

I’m not the person to take when we’re does that deserted on an island? Yeah, no.


Sue Bonzell  04:56

Okay, but you’ll have a really good Tam. Oh, pale girl I don’t really like oh girl you are all real. Thank you so much for taking the time to have some fun with us it was time to head back to the fanfare experience where I did a little cheerleading a little shopping and a little losing at cornhole tournament radio. Just subconscious okay, it is CMA fast and Cody cause is here what is up? Oh, nothing.


Cody Cozz  05:50

We’re just staying. Nothing’s up methods up. We’re staying busy. We’re walking around. My feet are rough. These boots are definitely not made for walk. It’s not


Sue Bonzell  06:01

made for walking today. So let’s talk about some of your music. What do you got going on right now?


Cody Cozz  06:05

Well, we got we just released a new single called I’m just a country song. Dre, Dre. Days, beans from a Baptist love a product of the tilma story on wound and no man, you probably start seeing him super well and got me invited to my first CMA fest. So this is my debut here. And it’s been an amazing experience so far. But it’s just awesome being kind of a new guy on the scene and just kind of finding your own way. So it’s been amazing.


Sue Bonzell  06:48

Awesome. Now let’s talk about your alliance with Craig Campbell. Absolutely. Because I love that guy.


Cody Cozz  06:53

I’m originally from Colorado, and he came through my hometown one time, one day and just, I got the opportunity to open for him, which was one of the bigger artists that I had gotten to play with. And he just took a liking to me and I, you know, went up to him. I wasn’t afraid. And I was just like, hey, Mr. Campbell, any chance that I can talk to you a little bit and he was like, I’ll do you one better. But take my number down. Call me on Monday. So I gave him a call. And we talked for a couple hours and gave me a bunch of advice. And then about seven months later, I had the opportunity to open for him again. And he was like, Man, I really think you got the it factor. He’s like, let me see if I can make some calls. It gets you out to Nashville and see what what could happen. And then, you know, about a year later, I ended up signing with his label. So it was pretty amazing. And I’ve been doing this now for four years. So


Sue Bonzell  07:36

and you’re here in Nashville. Yes. Do you love it?


Cody Cozz  07:39

Absolutely love it. It’s become my new home. So it’s everything I could have wanted it to be me too.


Sue Bonzell  07:43

I totally agree. Well, before I let you go, I like to play a little game called Truth or truth. Okay, are you ready to play?


Cody Cozz  07:50

I’m ready. Truth or truth? Did you have a hidden talent? hidden talent was singing on fourth. So how long was it hidden? It was hidden up until my junior year of high school. And my choir teacher I sang at church one time, my choir teacher in high school. I didn’t do choir, but she was the choir teacher and she scolded me that Monday following church. And she was like, Why didn’t you tell me that you could sing? So she called me in her office was like, Do you know the song hallelujah. I sang the song. Some guy filmed it, posted it on Facebook. The next day, it was 15,000 views. And I went to school the next day, and everybody was like, Why didn’t you say anything about this, really, that kind of knew nobody knew really, I was just had really bad stage fright. My family knew I would sing it like my family, weddings and things like that. But it never was anything. And then after that it kind of sparked the rest of my life


Sue Bonzell  08:41

with your folks like what was their support? Like, you know, it’s kind of a big deal. When you come to mom and dad and you’re like, look, I want to be a singer. You know, I mean, like, that’s one of the big deal.


Cody Cozz  08:49

I think at first, you know, when I first kind of started having some breaks. My dad specifically was like, I don’t know about this. So as my mom, but you know, they want to support their kid they want and then it wasn’t until I’ve met Craig until they were like, and I finally had that bug to say this is what I want to do. I think this is the move. Yeah. And they finally fully supported me and they’ve supported me ever since you know, 2000 3000 miles away from home. And they call me every day. And they’re just like, checking in making sure I’m doing the right thing. So


Sue Bonzell  09:20

I mean, you’re getting the validation from Craig Campbell, you know, and you know, getting his number. There’s something, something there. Well, I want to thank you so much for taking the time out today. I know you got a busy schedule, happy CMA fest, and congratulations on your debut here. Thank Coffey Anderson made an appearance at AJs good time bar in downtown Nashville and if you’ve never been there or seen him perform, I’ve got your front row seat


Cody Cozz  09:33

you so much.


Coffey Anderson  09:59

Thank you You got the look at you ladies ever with this said Jehovah she said only video on how to moderate Walmart it’s good to know for our freedoms and also for my data you gave us here in the USA Of course if you’re grateful to people in the greatest country in the world come on make some noise to them billion strains independent a hunger strikes just the Pledge of Allegiance on the Fourth of July to somehow get some sleepless nights it’s his newborn baby he says Mister Mister to the sponsor now the Birthday age he came home to the US Army


Sue Bonzell  17:21

join me Sue Bonzell every week for interviews and adventures with rising country artists on up and country


Tyra Madison  17:30

I’m so paranoid I have spinach in my teeth.


Sue Bonzell  17:33

Good. Tyra Madison is here at CMA salon and not do that. Sorry I don’t want to clap like wow start over Hey, hey, it’s Tyrone Madison. And Sue Bonzell up in country peered boom, boom.


Tyra Madison  17:58

Perfect, like perfect. She’s talking like her like P AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR AR bloopers because this is great. We always do. I love


Sue Bonzell  18:13

my favorite part. Do


Tyra Madison  18:16

a monkey there’s a lot going


Sue Bonzell  18:24

tight remash Everybody just hold it together. Oh, my God. Alright. giggles Congratulations on all your sex. Success. Wow. Holy cow. There’s there is an outtake if I ever saw one. Holy schnikeys That’s a blooper. Go. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever said that. That’s funny. I’m really embarrassed.


Cody Cozz  18:56

Has anyone ever accidentally seen you naked?


Sue Bonzell  19:01

Yeah, I didn’t stack the deck. I promise. I promise you.


Cody Cozz  19:04

Unfortunately. My mother unfortunately.