Sue Bonzell: This game.

Maggie Baugh: Oh my God. I don’t want that one either. It’s OK. I’m not going to pick that one. I’ll do the other one. It said, “Have you ever peed yourself?” And I don’t think I’ve ever told this story.

Sue Bonzell: This is Up and Country on 93.7, The Bull. It’s powered by the vLivecast. I’m your host, Sue Bonzell. Let’s get this show started.

              She played Carnegie Hall at age 11 and moved to Nashville at age 18, and there’s so much more to miss Maggie Baugh. I am so excited that you are here.

Maggie Baugh: Thanks for having me.

Sue Bonzell: Oh my gosh. Okay. We have so much to talk about.

Maggie Baugh: I’m here.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay.

Maggie Baugh: Talking is a strong suit of mine. So come on, girl.

Sue Bonzell: Oh, right. Well, good. We’re going to get along just fine. Just fine. So you play, what, seven instruments?

Maggie Baugh: It’s kind of hard to count. I would say that I play like three on stage but if you asked me to kind of mess around on some other instruments, I can definitely find my way around them.

Sue Bonzell: Okay. So you pretty much shred the electric guitar.

Maggie Baugh:  Oh my gosh. You’re so nice.

Sue Bonzell:  No, seriously, if you don’t follow her on TikTok, go follow her on TikTok right now.

              So, oh, electric guitar, of course, acoustic guitar. Fiddle. Oh my gosh.

Maggie Baugh:  Yes.

Sue Bonzell: Oh my gosh. She’s so good.

Maggie Baugh: Thanks. I appreciate it.

Sue Bonzell: And that’s where you started right with?

Maggie Baugh: Yeah, I actually was classically trained at the age of six. So I was in and out of orchestras and playing. I played Carnegie hall and I was in classical music programs. And then in eighth grade I decided to switch to country music.

Sue Bonzell: Ah, that’s kind of a switch. What made you switch?

Maggie Baugh:  So my dad’s from west Texas, so I’ve always had country music around me. And so at the age of… What are you in eighth grade? You’re 12, 13?

Sue Bonzell: Something like that.

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah. At that age I started getting bullied at school. And so I kind of just started using music as an outlet to write my feelings down and kind of escape what I was going through.

Sue Bonzell: Oh that’s awful.

Maggie Baugh: And so, because like I said, my dad is from Texas. It was just kind of around all the time. So that’s why I made the switch.

Sue Bonzell: Well, it makes sense to me. And, okay, so I’m following you. And I find out that you were in a music video with Luke Bryan and Trace Adkins.

Maggie Baugh:  Playing the fiddle. That was so much fun.

Sue Bonzell: Oh my gosh.

Maggie Baugh: That was such blast.

Sue Bonzell:  You were on the screen quite a bit.

Maggie Baugh: A few times. Yeah. It was so much fun. I mean the whole crew was awesome. We filmed it at Luke’s 32 Ridge downtown. Everyone kept asking me if Pitbull was there. I was like, guys, he was yacht [crosstalk 00:02:26] in Miami. He, I wouldn’t have come to Nashville to, from my yacht. Absolutely, but yeah.

Sue Bonzell: No, that was, that was great.

              And that was very exciting. And so did you get a chance to talk to Luke and talk to Trace-

Maggie Baugh: A Little bit yeah, there was a few scenes offset that you no one saw, but I was hanging out with Luke and he stole my fiddle and started playing it. It’s just, I have so many video like that. It’s so fun. I wish I could post them. [crosstalk 00:02:47] It’s cooler for me I guess.

Sue Bonzell:  Right? Yeah. Your own little private video stuff, right?

Maggie Baugh: Yep. Yeah. There’s one scene in the video that they didn’t end up using, but it was me on stage. You know how in the video Luke does a performance scene with this band. There was a video of me playing fiddle, right next to him, with me and him in the same shot. And unfortunately, you didn’t make the cut, but-

Sue Bonzell: Dang it.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah, I have a video of it and that’s all that matters.

Sue Bonzell: That’s all that matters. You’ve got it. You’ve got it for posterity. So now you’ve got a couple of, you’ve got your song Seeing Somebody.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Right.

Sue Bonzell:  That’s coming out. That’s a new release. This [crosstalk 00:03:17].

Maggie Baugh: I think it’s so funny. I literally been telling everyone I’m releasing this song and I actually haven’t even announced it on socials. I think the only time I announced it was at my show last Wednesday at Maggie Baugh and Friends, at third and Lindsley and I was like, I’m not supposed to announce this. The song’s not even done. Literally, I have a mix. [crosstalk 00:03:32] I have like my second mix that we’re sending around to a few people. So the song’s not even done. And I’m already telling people.

Sue Bonzell:  Good. Well people are excited for you because some of your other songs, now you’ve been added to some pretty big playlists on Spotify and Apple music.

              Right. From CMT, the Breakout Country, all the big country playlists, there’s Maggie Baugh and you’re-

Maggie Baugh: Yeah.

Sue Bonzell: Seriously. And you’re with you’re with what? Carly Pierce, all the ladies of country.

Maggie Baugh: Oh my gosh. It’s such an honor. I… Think About Me was my first big single that ever went out to Spotify and just the support has just been immaculate. It’s crazy. It’s my first single, that doesn’t ever happen, nine playlists and two cover spots. And then number one on a chart later? That doesn’t happen. So I’m just so grateful for the love that Spotify has given me. And so, I’m just really grateful.

Sue Bonzell: Well, when you got the talent, people pick up on that kind of stuff.

Maggie Baugh:  Thank you.

Sue Bonzell: Which is why I found you. And, and I’m like, oh my God, I got to meet this girl.

Maggie Baugh:  Oh my gosh.

Sue Bonzell: So let’s talk a little bit about TikTok.

Maggie Baugh:  Okay.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay. I love TikTok. I’m kind of addicted.

Maggie Baugh:  Amazing.

Sue Bonzell:  Little bit. And so I did, of course, stalk you on TikTok and I couldn’t get enough of her videos. You’ve got a whole series of what, what is it? What is it?

Maggie Baugh: Finish the lick.

Sue Bonzell:  Finish the lick and it’s Hey, Maggie, finish the lick.

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah. Oh my gosh. I have so many stories. It’s so funny. I, at the beginning, when TikTok started, I was not a fan. I’m going to flat-out be honest. I was not a fan. I’m such an old school. I was born. So I’m 22. I born in 2000, but I feel like I’m such an old soul.

              I was okay, I want to be on the road. I’m going to build my fans. We’re going to play 300 days a year. And then that’s how I’m going to become famous right? And it was just so funny because when that happened, all these girls are doing get ready with me. I was, you’re lucky if my hair’s brushed, it’s so funny. I literally had Doc Martins on and my boyfriend’s t-shirt. It’s literally, do you know what I mean? So they were doing get ready with me. I just started drinking coffee, a month ago. Starbucks was already out of the picture. [crosstalk 00:05:38] And so it was kind of I always played all these instruments because it’s been my life, since I was six, but I was, how do I incorporate that?

              Where people just know that’s me, without it being weird. And I never really found like my thing on TikTok until literally a month ago. I did a few guitar videos throughout the year and I think a few of them blew up, I think. But my following was 20,000 followers or something like that. And so literally a month ago I was just in my room hanging out and I was, I want to do this thing called finish the Lick. All these girls are doing like finish the lyric.

Sue Bonzell:  Oh yeah.

Maggie Baugh:  Have you seen that?

Sue Bonzell:  Yes.

Maggie Baugh: And I was, okay, that’s just way overplayed. And I was, what can I do that’s different because I’m such a rule breaker. I love doing things that no one else is doing, which is probably why I’m so late to the TikTok game.

              Because everyone else is doing it. And so I was, what can I do that’s different. And so I was jamming in my room one night. I was, finish the lick. That’s an awesome idea because I could showcase like all of my instruments, so it’s not just vocals. And so I ran over to my neighbor and started knocking on her door. I was, will you help me film couple videos please. And so the first couple videos was her helping me out in my bedroom. Literally it was so fun, but it caught on and I gained 80,000 followers in-

Sue Bonzell: Oh my gosh.

Maggie Baugh: Not even a month. We started at February 28th. And so it’s just, it’s insane. I never really understood the importance of that app until literally this past month. And so it’s been [crosstalk 00:07:00] so awesome.

Sue Bonzell: And the songs that had been picked, there was a lot of rock, a lot of classic rock. I mean, you’re doing a whole bunch of ACD and you popped off with some ACD and I’m sitting there, eyes like what? No way. This girl is so good.

Maggie Baugh: I just wanted to show people, I can actually play instruments instead of just learning something. It was just more I just assumed everyone kind of knew I was a musician. Yeah. But it wasn’t until people started watching those videos when they’re, wait, I literally had no idea that you are an actual musician.

Sue Bonzell: Right? Exactly.

Maggie Baugh: So yeah, it’s been really fun and just exploring that music. I didn’t grow up on classic rock, so it’s been really fun. I feel like I’m experiencing all of these songs now for the first time.

              Because like I said, my background is classical music. My dad is from Texas. I didn’t grow up listening to that stuff. And so it’s just really fun. It’s been fun relearning it and re-listening to it.

Sue Bonzell: It’s really cool. And I’m laughing because I’m thinking to myself, you got this thing, electric guitar, you got the amp, you got the whole deal and you’re just jamming out, right? And I’m thinking, man, how close are your neighbors? And apparently, your neighbor’s your friend.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Well, my neighbor is my friend. I haven’t gotten a complaint yet, but I feel like every video I kind of tested a little bit. I’m, “Ooh, what if I just notch up to 11.”

Sue Bonzell: You’re like, let’s see if anybody says anything.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. See if anybody yells at me yet. Not yet. I’ll keep you updated though.

Sue Bonzell:  I would be thrilled to have you as a neighbor.

Maggie Baugh: Oh my gosh.

Sue Bonzell: You can play here anytime.

Maggie Baugh:  I’ll tell my neighbors you said that.

Sue Bonzell:  Yeah, exactly. Send them to me. That’s fine. Well, we are going to take a little break and Maggie’s going to come back and play a song for us. It’s her new song, Seeing Somebody. I’m very excited about that. So, that’s coming right up.

Maggie Baugh: Hey, all Maggie here. I’m so excited hanging out with Up Country. Here’s my new song, Seeing Somebody.


Sue Bonzell: All right. Maggie, great song. Seeing Somebody, her new song. I love that. I love your voice.

Maggie Baugh:  Thank you.

Sue Bonzell:  You were just so talented. I’m super excited for all your success. So I want to know where can we see you? When are you going to be playing next? Are you doing any touring? Any show?

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. So if you live in Nashville, I actually do this show called Maggie Baugh and Friends at 3rd and Lindsley. It’s a once-a-month residency show. It’s a full band show.

Sue Bonzell: Nice.

Maggie Baugh:  And I bring in six to seven artists to come in playing a showcase. Yeah, it was so fun. The last show was March 16th, which was actually my 22nd birthday.

Sue Bonzell:  I was going to say, it was your birthday. Yeah.

Maggie Baugh:  And we sold like 170 tickets. It was incredible. We had Hannah Ellis, Nick Wayne, Sam Grow, Adam Shoenfeld, Julie Cole, Kayley Rose, and a bunch of other fun people.

Sue Bonzell: Awesome.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. So the next show is actually on 420, April 20th. So…

Sue Bonzell:  Well that’ll be fun.

Maggie Baugh:  Come on.

Sue Bonzell:  Come on, go have some fun on 420.

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah. I’m going to be announcing the line up here in the next few weeks, hopefully, [crosstalk 00:12:39] but that’s the date. Same date.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay. Awesome. Maggie Baugh and Friends. That’s going to be exciting. On 420. I can’t wait.

              All right. So what I like to do on Up And Country here is, I like to play games, but sometimes, I can’t make you do too many crazy things. So truth or dare everybody’s familiar with.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah.

Sue Bonzell: I’m not going to dare you to do anything. So I play truth and truth.

Maggie Baugh: I love it.

Sue Bonzell:  Truth or truth, truth or truth, truth, truth, truth or truth. So I have some questions in here. You get to pick your own question.

Maggie Baugh: That’s nerve-racking.

Sue Bonzell:  So you can’t blame me [crosstalk 00:13:08] if I ask a-

Maggie Baugh: I can’t even blame you for a terrible, awful question? Okay.

Sue Bonzell:  Yeah. If I ask an awful question, it’s not my fault. So… [crosstalk 00:13:14] Take no responsibility.

Maggie Baugh: The basket is cute. I’m such a fan of baskets. I was actually about to go to TJ max before this. So go take out some baskets. Sorry, not that you care. Okay. Let’s see this one.

Sue Bonzell: Okay.

Maggie Baugh: How many exes’ numbers are currently in your phone? Wow. My boyfriend’s going to hit, hate me. I’m just kidding.

              I don’t know. I would say I’ve only had two serious boyfriends and that’s one of them is I’m with.

Sue Bonzell: Well, that’s good.

Maggie Baugh: Apparently. I’ve had two and those are my two serious boyfriends. I’ve had a bunch of ex-boyfriends throughout high school, but it’s kind of, I don’t really just hold hands and [crosstalk 00:13:50]I got bored of you.

Sue Bonzell: That’s high school, those don’t count.

Maggie Baugh:  I would say I’ve never to deleted a number in my phone.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay.

Maggie Baugh:  I would say I blocked them, but I don’t know. I don’t block people, even on social media. I’m just like, I want you to see how cool I am without you. I don’t care. I’m not going to block you. I, yeah. Yeah.

Sue Bonzell:  I don’t block.

Maggie Baugh:  Can I pick another question?

Sue Bonzell: Yeah. You dig in to pick another question. I don’t block people on my phone because I mean, I don’t delete them, but I’ll block them because if they call me, I know to not answer it. So it’s like you block them or you notice the number and you’re like, okay, no.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. I don’t really hold a grudge against people. Honestly. I’ve had a couple brawls with people, but a couple months later, I’m like, “Hey look, I probably shouldn’t have said those things. I apologize.”

Sue Bonzell: And then you move on.

Maggie Baugh: Move on, now we’re friends and we talk again. Yeah. So…

Sue Bonzell: There you go.

Maggie Baugh: I don’t know. Life is too short. Okay.

Sue Bonzell: Exactly.

Maggie Baugh: Then give me a better question.

Sue Bonzell: You never know what you’re going to get. I told you.

Maggie Baugh: Okay. I don’t want that question either.

Sue Bonzell:  I need to make rules for this game.

Maggie Baugh:  Oh my God. I don’t want that one either. Okay. I’m not going to pick that one. I’ll do the other one. It said, “Have you ever peed yourself?” And I don’t think I’ve ever told this story. When I was 11, way before I even started playing guitar, songwriting or any of that, I tried it out for America’s Got Talent when I was 11. I definitely did not make it. But I was just a little fiddle player. Right? So I was just playing my little fiddle at 11 years old. And we went to Austin, Texas where my dad, my dad’s from Texas. He’s from Lubbock, but he has some friends in Austin.

              So he was like, “Hey, let’s go try out for America’s Got Talent, stay the weekend. You’ve never been to Austin.” So we went into this really, really long elevator and I had to pee so bad. And apparently, my aunt, my dad’s brother, sister is notorious for peeing her pants when she laughs. And so my dad was, “Maggie, I’m going to make you laugh so hard that you’re going to wet your pants.” I was like, stop please don’t. So I peed myself in the elevator of this hotel all the way down a hotel hallway to the point [crosstalk 00:15:54] where I didn’t even have to pee when I got to the hotel room.

Sue Bonzell:  Oh, you poor thing.

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah, but you know what? It worked out because the next night I ended up busking on the street in Austin, on Austin Sixth Street, literally right outside the bars with my fiddle, made enough money to go buy my first guitar at the guitar shop.

Sue Bonzell: There you go. And a new pair of pants.

Maggie Baugh:  And a new pair of pants and look where I am now.

Sue Bonzell: See, exactly.

Maggie Baugh: A healthy bladder and a songwriter and an artist in Nashville. So you know what?

Sue Bonzell: Winning.

Maggie Baugh:  I’m sorry that I threw your basket on the floor.

Sue Bonzell: No, you’re okay.

Maggie Baugh:  I got a little angry.

Sue Bonzell:  She wants to burn my questions.

Maggie Baugh: I got emotional.

Sue Bonzell: We’ll just do one more.

Maggie Baugh:  Okay.

Sue Bonzell:  How about that?

Maggie Baugh: I’m down if you [crosstalk 00:16:25] all these. My team’s going to text me and be like, “Okay, how about we don’t say that ever again on camera.”

               What’s one useless skill you’d love to learn anyway. Oh my gosh. I have a few.

Sue Bonzell: Okay, good.

Maggie Baugh:  I’ve thought about this. This is really sad. Here, I’ll put that back.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay.

Maggie Baugh:  Oh, you know the restaurant MO’S, like Mo Southwest grill.

Sue Bonzell:  Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

Maggie Baugh:  You know what I’m talking about. The burrito place?

              I’ve always wanted to learn how to make the burrito that they keep all those like huge things and everything inside it, without it ripping.

Sue Bonzell: Oh, okay.

Maggie Baugh: So always wanted to learn how to roll them and work there.

Sue Bonzell:  It’s not really a useless one, but yeah, I like that.

Maggie Baugh: It kind of is. Why would I ever need to learn how to roll a burrito.

Sue Bonzell: I don’t know, your boyfriend to be like, “Oh, she’s a keeper.”

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah. [crosstalk 00:17:08] They put so much stuff it, and then they just compact it into this little thing. I’ve always wanted to know how to do that. Cause even my tacos fall apart. Okay, sorry. Anyway.

              And then maybe I would love to learn how to use an accent. I know you can’t learn accents.

Sue Bonzell: Oh, yes you can.

Maggie Baugh:  It’s kind of where you’re from.

Sue Bonzell:  No, you can.

Maggie Baugh:  Really?

Sue Bonzell:  Oh yeah.

Maggie Baugh: I would love that.

              I would love to take an accent school or class.

Sue Bonzell: That would be fun.

Maggie Baugh:  Just whip out a British accent. [crosstalk 00:17:35] A believable one, right? That’d be awesome.

Sue Bonzell: That would be fun. I like that.

Maggie Baugh:  It’s literally so useless.

Sue Bonzell:  So then if you just… Well, it’s not really useless. You can just throw people out, “Good day, mate.” You go, got to throw in a “Crikey.”

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Just be [inaudible 00:17:50], in the middle of a restaurant. Okay. Yeah. That’s it. That’s when you ask [inaudible 00:17:55]. Okay. You, you do it. You’re embarrassing me.

Sue Bonzell: No, not me. This is not my interview. This is your interview, girl. You want to do one more?

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Okay.

Sue Bonzell: She’ll do one more. She’s having fun with this.

Maggie Baugh: I could sit here and do this all day. Oh, what is my biggest fear? That’s a good one.

              I’m trying to think. Oh, I’m terrified of zombies.

Sue Bonzell:  Zombies?

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Zombies scare me.

Sue Bonzell:  Yeah. But that’s not real.

Maggie Baugh:  I know. But still.

Sue Bonzell:  Do you watch the zombie movies?

Maggie Baugh:  I’ve watched one episode and I almost I had nightmares.

Sue Bonzell:  Oh yeah.

Maggie Baugh:  Oh and black holes. Black holes scare me.

Sue Bonzell:  Wow.

Maggie Baugh:  Yeah. Thinking about these, getting sucked in.

Sue Bonzell:  I like fears because they’re so-

Maggie Baugh:  Ridiculous?

Sue Bonzell:  It’s movie fears. They’re movie fears.

Maggie Baugh: Yeah. Black holes and zombies. Can’t do them.

Sue Bonzell:  Can’t do them. Well, hopefully, we don’t meet any of those anytime soon.

Maggie Baugh: I really hope so.

Sue Bonzell: I think we’re safe. I think we’re safe for a while.

Maggie Baugh:  Perfect.

Sue Bonzell:  So thank you. Maggie’s don’t forget to follow Maggie Baugh on socials. Okay. And where can we get the new song? When it comes out?

Maggie Baugh: You can get it everywhere. If you go follow me on Spotify, you’ll be one of the first people to get it before it comes out. Apple music, wherever you stream music. But follow me on Instagram and Facebook and now TikTok for all the updates.

Sue Bonzell: Yes. All of the good stuff. This is definitely somebody you want to keep your eye on. Very excited that you were able to join me.

Maggie Baugh:  Thank you.

Sue Bonzell: And thanks for playing truth or truth.

Maggie Baugh:  Please, no one hold any of the things I told you against me because I don’t think I’ve ever talked about that. And I don’t want TMZ haunting me, when I win my first CMA award. “Well you should have heard what she said in on interview.”

Sue Bonzell: Okay. Hmm. We’re having some fun. All right. Thank you guys so much to be sure to follow us on Up And Country and all of the socials on Instagram and TikTok, too.

              Thanks for tuning in to Up And Country, where we have new episodes every Tuesday and be sure to visit for all of the episodes and information about our VIP club, where you’re going to get exclusive backstage access.

              And if you’re on Instagram or TikTok, make sure to follow me, sue Bonzell. I’ll see you next week.