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(Singing). Okay. A little disclaimer for this week’s show, there is going to be blood. This is Up N Country on 93.7, The Bull. It’s powered by V Livecast. I’m your host Sue Bonzell. Let’s get this show started. Hey, it’s Sue Bonzell with Up N Country. And normally I’m bringing you new up and coming country artists. Well, we’ve been working on our new video studio since we moved to Nashville. It’s not quite ready yet. So I’m going to do something a little bit different this week. Since this is Up N Country, we’re going to do something very country. We’re going to talk about hunting. So if you are not into hunting, this is not your episode. And I promise I will be bringing more new up and coming country artists a little bit later, but today we’re going to talk about hunting.

Sue Bonzell (01:02):

A friend of mine shared a really cool video of her son and his very first pig hunt. The first time he ever went to go with his dad and I’ve also got an additional clip of him, actually harvesting his very first pig. This is really emotional. You’re going to see this emotion and it absolutely is incredible. I’m also going to share a clip of Luke Bryan doing a little bit of deer hunting. And as many of you know, he is an avid hunter. And so that’s from Realtree. I want to say thank you to them. I did borrow the clips from their YouTube channel. It’s a great clip of Luke Bryan, and you’re going to see again, when it comes to hunting, it is a very emotional thing. So I’m excited to bring this to you. I would love to hear what you have to say about this. And if you like this content, so let me know in the comments and we’re going to get this started with Fletcher and his very first pig hunt going with his dad.

Speaker 1 (02:08):

Kevin and Fletcher. First blind hunt. (singing)

Fletcher (03:09):

(Singing). I’m so proud of you daddy. [inaudible 00:03:29]

Kevin (03:31):

We took my boy on his first hunt ever, boar hunting. And we just moved the boar about 16 yards, somewhere there. Pretty awesome his first time. And…

Fletcher (03:51):

So proud of you.

Kevin (03:52):

You’re so awesome.

Fletcher (03:52):


Kevin (03:53):

Did we do a good job?

Fletcher (03:54):


Kevin (03:55):

Okay. Let’s go down and get mommy.

Fletcher (03:58):

You smoked her. (singing)

Kevin (04:22):

[inaudible 00:04:22] much more.

Fletcher (04:22):

Look at that boar. Yeah, your dance was sure as good. Hey?

Kevin (04:35):

Here it is.

Speaker 1 (04:42):

Here we go. Good job. [inaudible 00:04:54] Wow, nice. All right.

Kevin (04:54):

Pig in the cage, we just made the greatest video on the moon.

Sue Bonzell (05:20):

Isn’t that just an incredible video? The emotion is so real and so raw. And I have another clip of Fletcher. Now this is a home video that his mom took and it’s his very first time actually harvesting his own pig. Now, my friend gave me a statement and wanted me to read this to you. And this is what she had to say, ”Fletcher,” her son, ”harvested his first pig. He has been trained for three years. Two days ago was the day we put him in the tree stand with his dad, of course. Pure emotion is the best part.” Absolutely true. ”The respect of the animal and his hard work with learning how to be responsible with a firearm has paid off. Learning to live off the land and sea is what this future may hold for us. I want him to be a survivalist and much more. Having street smarts and book smarts can go very far. I see a beautiful future for this kid.” As do I. Take a look at this clip. This is home video from my friend and her son Fletcher harvesting his very first pig.

Kevin (06:25):

Okay. Do you see him? You can do it.

Fletcher (06:25):


Kevin (06:25):

Can you see him?

Fletcher (06:33):

[Inaudible 00:06:33].

Kevin (06:33):

Can you see him?

Fletcher (06:36):

[inaudible 00:06:36] I can see him.

Kevin (06:36):

Okay. You shot a monster buddy. That is todd bro.

Fletcher (06:36):


Kevin (06:36):

Give me high five buddy.

Fletcher (06:36):

Thank, God.

Kevin (07:57):

You did it.

Fletcher (07:58):


Kevin (07:59):

You did it. And that’s the biggest one.

Fletcher (07:59):

Yeah. I shot the biggest boar in the world.

Kevin (07:59):

All right, buddy.

Fletcher (08:10):

I love hunting so bad.

Kevin (08:15):

What do you say? You got to say, thank you, [Akua 00:08:17].

Fletcher (08:17):

Thank you Akua.

Sue Bonzell (08:24):

I just think this is so cool. I am so proud of them as parents teaching their young son about the responsibility, being responsible for a firearm. So this is pretty cool. Now I promised clips of Luke Bryan. This is a pretty incredible clip of Luke Bryan, actually hunting and killing his biggest deer. He claims it’s his biggest deer. We’re going to take a look at that now. Again, hey, there’s a disclaimer here. This is hunting. And if you’re not into hunting, this is not your video.

Luke Bryan (09:18):

Smoked. Is he down? Is he down hunter? Is he down? Did you see him go down? Did I smoke him? He just went down. Please, please. Please Lord, please. Oh, boys he’s dumping. Oh, lot of blood. Do you see him? Oh man. Look at this deer you all. Look at this deer. Wide load. Look at the belly on this deer. Oh, man. An absolute giant. Best shot I’ve made in my life right there. Best shot I’ve ever made on a deer. And it’s my biggest deer. I tell you what, I redid my whole… I started this year off before my elk hunting trip. And I totally redid my approach to shooting.I would, I don’t know. I just had bad habits and I started… I wanted to start the year off with good habits and I tell you what I did it on this deer. And I’m so proud that I’m still only in my fifth or sixth year of truly bow hunting and still have so much to learn. I cannot believe I have my hands around this deer you all.

Sue Bonzell (12:08):

Thanks for watching Up N Country with a little bit of a twist this week. Of course, we would love to hear your comments about this content. We are Up N Country, so we went real country today. So please let us know in the comments, what you think. And of course, next week I’m going to be back with a new up and coming country artist just for you.

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