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Colton: We were like dying, like crying in tears after that. It was so unplanned, but it worked out so [00:00:30] perfect. It couldn’t have gone any better.

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Last year I did an interview with the guys from Restless Road and I am so excited for all of their success, touring with Kane Brown, they’ve got a new song with Kane Brown, and a video that I am going to be sharing [00:01:00] with you. We’re going to talk a about badass tattoos. We’re going to cover circus animals in their last video. There’s a lot to this interview, so I have pulled out the best pieces to share with you. And again, we’re going to take a look at that new music video with Kane Brown.

Group: Hello. How are doing?

Sue Bonzell: Hi, I’m great. So we’ve got Garrett, we’ve got Zach, and we’ve got Colton. Did I do it in the right order?

Garrett: Yes.

Zach: You [00:01:30] nailed it.

Sue Bonzell: Does everybody think you guys are brothers?

Zach: We get that all the time. It’s not even an inside joke anymore. Everyone says that, thinks that. I think it’s just because how much time we spend together. We’re all just, you know…

Garrett: I think it’s the hair.

Colton: It’s the hair.

Sue Bonzell: I was going to say I think it’s the hair.

Zach: No one’s got this hair.

Garrett: Oh man. [crosstalk 00:01:50] Nice mullet.

Sue Bonzell: He’s working on the mullet. I like that. It’s looking good.

Okay, who got the tattoo?

Colton: [00:02:00] Oh, that’s me. That would be me, I’m covered.

Sue Bonzell: Colton got the tattoo, which is kind of a badass tattoo by the way.

Colton: Thank you.

Sue Bonzell: It’s very cool. I was checking it out earlier, but that TikTok is fantastic. Your tattoo guy’s like wait, wait, wait, can’t finish the tattoo until I hear the song. You guys play it and explain to me what happens because it’s freaking hilarious.

Garrett: I’ll let this man right here tell you.

Zach: Basically, we were showing him our new song and he got a little bit too into it [00:02:30] and knocked me right out of my chair. That honestly was completely-

Garrett: Not scripted.

Zach: Not scripted. That was very unexpected, but we rocked with it and it was-

Sue Bonzell: You can tell.

Zach: Yeah, we love Bubba, he’s the best energy, he’s so-

Bubba: I’m about halfway done right now and I don’t think I want to finish until I hear you guys’ new song so…

Colton: Well I’m just telling you, I’m not going to have half an arm, [00:03:00] so…

Group: (singing)

Sue Bonzell: [00:03:30] That was awesome. You could tell it was unscripted. He was literally like, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry. I watched it, I don’t know how many times. I’m like, That is damn funny. So good job for posting that.

Zach: Got you.

Colton: We literally, I think we were like dying, like crying in tears after that. It was so unplanned, but it worked [00:04:00] out so perfect. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Sue Bonzell: Okay, can I try out to be one of the bar friends?

Zach: [crosstalk 00:04:07] Oh, you don’t even have try out.

Sue Bonzell: Good. I was hoping you’d say that.

Garrett: No application.

Zach: You know, people.

Sue Bonzell: Okay. I know you.

Colton: As long as you’re a good time, that’s all that matters.

Sue Bonzell: Oh yeah, it’s a good time. We’re going to be in Nashville. We’re going to have to hook up and hang out and drink beer together or something like that.

Garrett: Oh yeah, listen. You’re a part of the family now, you know what I mean.

Sue Bonzell: Well, thank you. I really appreciate that.

[00:04:30] Okay. The Kane Brown connection. So y’all met him a long time ago. That was when two of you were on the competition show, right?

Zach: Colton and I were on X Factor back in 2013 and that’s where we met Kane. He was actually going to be a part of our band. Instead, he went on to become Kane Brown and we stuck with the band. A couple years later, Garrett was able to join the band. In 2019, [00:05:00] he reached out and we all just ran with the opportunity and it’s just been awesome ever since. Kane has become a great friend and life is good.

Sue Bonzell: You just signed with his new record company, right?

Colton: We did.

Sue Bonzell: You guys were the first?

Colton: Yeah, we were.

Garrett: The one and only so far.

Colton: [inaudible 00:05:22] 21. It’s a joint venture with Sony. We were lucky enough that Kane wanted us to be the first artist. It was absolutely incredible.

[00:05:30] We’ve got some new music coming out. Bar Friends is out. For everybody who hasn’t heard it, go check it out. We got a music video. We’ve got a tortoise in the music video, a miniature pony.

Zach: A severe hand injury.

Colton: Yeah, a severe hand injury, so you know.

Sue Bonzell: Then it was the panda head or something?

Colton: There is a panda head.

Garrett: There’s a mysterious figure in the video.

Zach: Who is the man behind.

Garrett: Guess we’ll never know.

Sue Bonzell: [00:06:00] So you guys are clearly like no fun whatsoever.

Zach: We totally suck.

Garrett: We’re total, like just a bunch of wet paper towels, man.

Sue Bonzell: Yeah, I can tell, I can tell.

The guys mentioned that they have some new music and they do indeed, a new song with Kane Brown. Now they’ve got a brand new video for it. I think you’re going to like it. And you may recognize a small piece of this song. Let’s take a look.

Group: (singing)

Sue Bonzell: [00:07:00] That’s going to wrap it up for this week. Thanks for watching Up N Country. Don’t forget, you can get your merch at Stay tuned, next week Tuesday, 10:00 AM pacific time, we’re going to have a new country artist for you and it’s all going to be live from Nashville.