Sue Bonzell: He has had millions of streams on digital downloads and he has a new song. Josh Melton is here. Hey, Josh.

Josh Melton: What’s going on? How are you?

Sue Bonzell: I am fantastic. Where are you today? Are you in Nashville?

Josh Melton: I’m in Nashville, yeah. I’m actually in my kitchen right now.

Sue Bonzell: In the kitchen. Okay, good.

Josh Melton: Yeah.

Sue Bonzell: We’re here in Wine Country, California.

Josh Melton: Yes.

Sue Bonzell: How do you-

Josh Melton: What a beautiful place.

Sue Bonzell: It absolutely is. We’re very fortunate to live here. Are you a wine fan?

Josh Melton: I am. I like white wine and it’s got to be cold. I don’t know what that is. I think I’m more of a cold beer kind of guy, I guess, but I like wine.

Sue Bonzell: I’m the same way with my white wine. I’m not afraid to put an ice cube in my white wine. I don’t care what anybody says.

Josh Melton: I do the same thing. I do the same thing.

Sue Bonzell: So you’ve got a new song out called, One Day. Now I found this song originally, I think I found it on Spotify and then I saw you on TikTok. I was always listening to the song. I kept hearing it over and over again and I thought, “Oh, is this Old Dominion?” Then I found out it was you and then I found out you had a hand in writing this song. Who did you write this song with?

Josh Melton: I wrote this song with Brad Tursi from Old Dominion, yeah. They paired us up because I carry some of the same tones as the lead singer-

Sue Bonzell: Yes.

Josh Melton: … and I got some of the same vibes as them. I really think the future holds a little tour with Josh Melton and Old Dominion.

Sue Bonzell: Yeah, I think so. Like I said, I kept hearing it and I was like, “Oh, this sounds like new Old Dominion.” I was really shocked and I’m like, “Oh, my gosh. He sounds amazing. This is a great song.” I’m really excited about that.

Josh Melton: Appreciate that.

Sue Bonzell: Yeah, absolutely.

Josh Melton: I really do appreciate that.

Sue Bonzell: I looked up a little bit on you and I found out that you’re doing a docu-series. Tell us about your docu-series.

Josh Melton: Yeah. One thing led to another. A buddy of mine, now good friend, is from California and he moved to Nashville to start doing videography for other artists. He was looking for a guy to do a docu-series on. One thing led to another. We met and he’s been following me around with a camera here and there and everywhere. We go to shows. He went out to Iowa with us and all kinds of cool stuff. We’re going to do 10-minute episodes. It’s mainly to let people know who I am. I love getting on a more personal level with everybody that I meet. So this is one way to do that and let people know that I’m just a normal person just like everybody else. That’s kind of cool.

Sue Bonzell: And you’re a real positive guy, inspirational, so I can imagine you really want to show people that too.

Josh Melton: Yeah. I also want people to know the reality of being a musician and a songwriter and having a family. I just want people to know the reality of it. It’s not all cake and ice cream, but that’s all good because life is not all cake and ice cream, but when you do get that cake and ice cream, it tastes better.

Sue Bonzell: Absolutely. That’s like the reality show kind of thing, where if you’ve got a camera on you a lot of the times, stuff’s going to happen because stuff happens.

Josh Melton: Yeah. We haven’t got that far in yet. Not a lot of drama, which sells very well, but there’s not a lot of drama over here and [crosstalk 00:04:26].

Sue Bonzell: You know what? That’s actually refreshing because some nice… We were talking about unplugging earlier and you said what time to unplug, go take a little time for yourself. I understand you’re going to Jamaica.

Josh Melton: I’m going to go to Jamaica and lay around and probably drink too much tequila and just have a good time.

Sue Bonzell: That is so cool. You recently got married, right?

Josh Melton: Just got married about a month and a half ago to a smokeshow. Not on my league, but-

Sue Bonzell: She is gorgeous.

Josh Melton: … for some reason she loves me. Yeah, she’s definitely God’s gift. Yeah, that’s for sure.

Sue Bonzell: That’s so sweet. You also have a little boy.

Josh Melton: We have a two and a half year old. His name is Brix Allen Melton. He just-

Sue Bonzell: I saw his name and I’m like, “Brix.” Do you know that’s a wine term?

Josh Melton: No, I did not.

Sue Bonzell: It’s a wine-making term for the amount of sugar in a grape, the Brix.

Josh Melton: Okay.

Sue Bonzell: It’s spelled exactly the same way. B-R-I-X. So you’ve got a Wine Country connection and you didn’t even know.

Josh Melton: It’s definitely a unique name. We were set on having a girl. We thought we were going to have a girl. So her name was going to be [Brixton 00:05:48]. We fell in love with the name so much that we just kept half of it and named him Brix Allen. That’s a cool stage name. Since he’s going to be a rock star anyways, it’s [crosstalk 00:05:59].

Sue Bonzell: Of course. Obviously, just like his dad, of course.

Josh Melton: Yeah.

Sue Bonzell: So the song One Day, you guys wrote this during the pandemic, correct?

Josh Melton: We did. Got together with Justin Ebach. He is a phenomenal friend of mine and just had another number one song by Luke Bryan, Down to One.

Sue Bonzell: Yeah.

Josh Melton: We just got together. I’m so blessed to be able to get in the rooms with those guys. It’s still super mind-blowing to me where I’m at in this career, but we got together. I had that idea in my head. I’m not waiting on One Day because One Day is not waiting on me. Brad Tursi threw his spice on this thing, and we got a phenomenal song out of it.

Sue Bonzell: It’s absolutely a phenomenal song. I have to tell you, I think it was last week. I woke up in the morning and I was singing the song. I had it in my head, playing and I’m like, “Okay, apparently that’s a good song.”

Josh Melton: That’s all we can hope for right there. That’s it.

Sue Bonzell: Would you be willing to play for us?

Josh Melton: Yeah, I would love to play that song. I got a guitar right here actually.

Sue Bonzell: Oh, look it. That’s handy. You musicians, you’re so prepared all the time.

Josh Melton: Yeah. There’s like four laying around here.

Sue Bonzell: Perfect.

Josh Melton: Our guest book at the wedding’s a guitar too, so it’s over here on the wall.

Sue Bonzell: That’s awesome.

Josh Melton: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I’ll try to do this one here. It’s called One Day. (singing) It’s like the slow version, I think.

Sue Bonzell: I love it. That’s perfect. Thank you so much for doing that. I appreciate it.

Josh Melton: Yeah. One Day.

Sue Bonzell: Where can we get your music? Obviously, on Spotify. I’ve got the Cow Chair Country playlist. You can find it there. I’m sure you’re probably on every music download place you can get it, right?

Josh Melton: Yeah. It’s crazy. I’m a face of a playlist on Spotify. I’m all over there. I’m on Apple, on Amazon, everywhere you can get. It’s unreal right now.

Sue Bonzell: That is awesome. Where are you going to be doing any of these upcoming shows that you’ve got coming up in the next couple of months?

Josh Melton: Yeah. We just dropped a list and we’re adding more, but I post quite a bit about the shows, so you can find it there. There’s a smart link on my Instagram and Facebook for all that stuff. We’re updating shows the more we get into the year because of the whole pandemic thing. I was supposed to be out there close to you guys, in Vegas playing, but I’m actually going to Alaska to play-

Sue Bonzell: Alaska.

Josh Melton: … in two weeks.

Sue Bonzell: Wow.

Josh Melton: I couldn’t get the flights lined up right, so I’m almost close to you guys.

Sue Bonzell: So there are country music fans in Alaska? Sorry, I just…

Josh Melton: I guess. There’s a Big Country Bash going on-

Sue Bonzell: Awesome.

Josh Melton: … in two weeks and I’ll be playing it, so yeah.

Sue Bonzell: That is awesome. I’m super excited for you. I’m excited for this song. I want everybody to go get it, go download it, go buy the song. Thank you so much, Josh Melton. I really appreciate you being here today.

Josh Melton: Thank you so much. I appreciate you guys. Thank you so much.

Sue Bonzell: Thanks for watching Cow Chair Country. I’m Sue Bonzell. Make sure you follow me on TikTok and like and subscribe. Of course, if you have an up and coming country artist that you would love for me to interview, please let me know in the comments.