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Ep 112 Noelle Toland – World Premiere Music Video + Cooking

Ep 112 Noelle Toland – World Premiere Music Video + Cooking

Sue Bonzell 0:00 Noelle Toland is here at the up and country studios and we have some big big news. Something very special. No, I'm so excited that you are here. Noelle Toland 1:03 Thank you for having me. I'm so excited to be here. Sue Bonzell 1:05 I know. I know....

Mark Taylor – Top Golf

Mark Taylor – Top Golf

I had a chance to spend some time with country artist and songwriter Mark Taylor at Top Golf, Nashville. We talked about his new music and video, collaborating with songwriters and other artists like Whey Jennings, plus we had the Top Golf experience where I lost...

Andrea Vasquez – Country With a Little Tajin!

Andrea Vasquez – Country With a Little Tajin!

Sue Bonzell  0:15   it's the Up N Country show where the heart of Nashville matches thrilling adventures with rising country artists. I'm your host Sue Bonzell. Join us as we explore the vibrant Nashville area alongside talented musicians combining exhilarating...

About Up N Country

Welcome to the reimagined Up N Country show, where the heart of Nashville matches thrilling adventures with rising country artists! Join us as we explore the vibrant Nashville area alongside talented musicians, combining exhilarating escapades with exclusive interviews and energetic live performances.

In each episode of Up N Country, we dive into the captivating world of country music, showcasing the next generation of artists who are poised to make their mark on the industry. With in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and clips of electrifying live shows, we offer an intimate glimpse into the lives and stories of these rising stars.

But that’s not all – our show goes beyond the studio to capture the essence of the Nashville experience. We embark on exciting adventures discovering hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and breathtaking landscapes. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, daring adventures, or indulging in authentic Southern cuisine, Up N Country brings you closer to the vibrant spirit of Music City.

“There is an incredible amount of talent in the country music scene. New country artists are hussling, with passion for their songwriting and singing. I can appreciate their effort and perseverance. I feel this deeply. Whatever I can do to help – that is where I know I am embracing my purpose.”

About Sue Bonzell

Sue Bonzell is the host and Executive Producer for the Up N Country Show and is a long time on-air country radio personality. In addition to being a voice for country music for more than 16 years, she is an entrepreneur, author and speaker.

Sue has MC’d for numerous charity events and has done interviews with new country artists such as Breland, Abby Anderson, Jake Hoot and Callista Clark, plus interviews with country legends such as Vince Gill, John Berry, Michelle Wright and Darius Rucker. Sue is committed to promoting emerging country artists and creating dynamic multimedia content for radio. Her business, Bonzell Media provides marketing and PR support for independent country artists and venues. Sue enjoys attending country concerts, entertaining with friends and writing song lyrics. She is currently writing a book entitled The Power of Country. Sue resides in Nashville, TN.


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“Today’s new country is tomorrow’s old country.”


What People Are Saying


Love talking to Sue, she always has such GOOD questions to ask and always gets me telling stories I rarely tell. She has so much passion for discovering new country music from both major label and independent artists. Grateful to get to call her a friend!

Angie K

Country Singer/Songwriter

I love what Sue is doing with Up N Country. I am a long time country fan and I follow new country artists. Sue always brings me someone new that I’ve never heard of. Her interviews are fun and entertaining, so I look forward to watching the show each week.

Julie Schulz

Country Music Fan